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How can we help you?


At Goodhand and Forsyth Solicitors, we understand that it can be stressful making arrangements in relation to the children and often tensions are running high.

We have specialist family lawyers to advise you and help to resolve the issues.

The Court's primary concern is the child's welfare. The Court must therefore consider how the child's needs are best met. In doing this, the Court applies the "welfare checklist" which includes assessing the wishes and feelings of the child, the needs of the child, any risk factors and the range of orders available. This is not an exhaustive list.

The Court is always hopeful that parents will be able to reach an agreement with regards to the children, but an application can be made if they are not able to.

We can advise on the following:-

Residence Order

This is an Order which specifies with whom the child is to live with. It is possible to obtain a shared residence order.

Contact Order

This Order details the time which the non-resident parent is to spend with the child. It can be as specific as the circumstances of your case require.

Parental Responsibility Order

This is an Order providing a party with Parental Responsibility for the child.

Specific Issue Order

This is an Order to allow a parent to take certain action in an area of conflict.

Prohibited Steps Order

This is an Order preventing a parent from taking a certain action, such as removing a child from the country.

We can offer simple advice or we can correspondence with the other parent on your behalf. We can also assist you in an application in relation to your child(ren) or if you have received an application in respect of your child(ren) and you want advice and/or representation.

What are the benefits of using Goodhand & Forsyth?

 Our lawyers have:-
- specialist legal knowledge
- many years' experience
- the ability to provide clear and concise advice without using legal jargon
- good understanding of your needs, approaching your case with compassion
 We are able to:-
- advise and assist you in making arrangements for the children
- correspond with the other parent on your behalf
- draft a contact agreement
- draft an application for the relevant Order sought
- represent you within the proceedings and assist you in complying with directions of the Court


For more information or to make an appointment contact our Family Department directly on 01483 679 373.